USFW 125th Celebration

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God provided a beautiful fall weekend for the celebration of Iowa USFW's 125th birthday at Camp Quaker Heights October 3-5, 2008.   Together Mary Glenn Hadley, USFWI president/presiding clerk, and Jason Nightingale shared their gifts on Friday evening and Saturday morning–Jason using his dramatic skills with memorized scripture and Mary Glenn giving us historical perspective as well as a look at how life has changed around the theme, "Serving in Seasons of Change." Ruthie Tippin led hymn singing and Pat Coffin provided a special solo. 


Saturday noon after the delicious meal provided by Linda Garrison and the camp staff, a decorated birthday cake was served, honoring both the 125 years of USFW and the 60 years of Camp Quaker Heights operation. It was a joyous occasion with balloons, gold centerpieces, and fellowship around the tables. Magnets and pens from USFWI calling attention to the 2010 Triennial in Kenya were at each place setting on a gold napkin. Arlen Daleske provided a historical trivia game that added to the fun.


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The afternoon session centered on Iowa USFW with the president (wearing a black bonnet which belonged to Lydia Green) sharing the history of our beginning in 1883 and the list of the first officers. Past presidents were invited to share memories of their time in office. Edna Smith, Ann Lee Nichols, Cindy Norman, Clara Millett, Pat Coffin and Margaret Good were present to share while Iola Cadwallader, Joyce Street, and Dianne Marr sent greetings which were read.


Mary Glenn gave us information about the 2010 USFWI Triennial which will be held July 1-4 in Mombasa at a resort hotel. The yearly meeting is allowed 2 representatives and each society may have a representative. More details will be available later.


Displays of historical items such as minutes, photos, clothes and triennial souvenirs were on tables in the chapel. Used books as well as crafts from Kenya and some from a local society were available for sale.


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