Celebration of Service 2009

Approximately 50 women gathered in fellowship hall to celebrate Cuba missions.  Flan, an oyster cracker snack, Cuban coffee, and orange soda were served.  The coffee was prepared by Patti Phillips in the Cuban way and served with warm milk.  Tables were decorated with colorful tablecloths and napkins and small bouquets of bright dahlias, with a traditional  chocolate treat at each place.

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Following a time of fellowship, Iowa USFW President, Margaret Stoltzfus, welcomed everyone and introduced our special visitor, Eirena Diana Escalona Gonzalez, president of Cuba USFW.

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Margaret presented Eirena with gifts to enhance her memories of Iowa.

Vice President, Lyn Kinney, presented Eliza Armstrong Cox Award certificates and pins to Donna Steddom of Oskaloosa, and to Jeanette Roe and Peggy Martin of Bangor.

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Literature Secretary, Ethel Watson, handed out reading certificates to several societies.  There were no 50-year readers but Ann Nichols, Margaret Good, and Delores Jones were recognized for completing the USFWI Reading Course for 25 years.

Christian Service Secretary, Linda Eliason, introduced the 2009-2010 USFWI theme, “My Cup Runneth Over”.  She used a fountain and a variety of cups to illustrate her comments.  Linda also presented a vase to Margaret Stoltzfus on behalf of the Iowa USFW Board, honoring her for her excellent service to us as President.

                             OUR CUP RUNNETH OVER!!!USFW Celebration of Service 2009 031.jpg                                                                     USFW Celebration of Service 2009 015.jpg

President Margaret recognized the new Middle River Friends USFW Society, “The Eves”, with a single red rose in a beautiful vase.  She also presented a certificate to LeGrand USFW which is laying down its society.

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Come join with us in future events and enjoy the fellowship of other Christian women!

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