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                    2014 PROJECTS

FOUR FUNDS       US $21,000


The Love Fund was created in 1914 when additional funds were needed so that Esther Baird could continue her missionary work in India. Because of this she was able to continue 24 years more, thus serving a total of 46 years. This year’s Love Fund recipient is Joyce Ajlouny, Ramallah Friends School Director.

Ramallah – Joyce Ajlouny  US $5,000

Joyce is the Director of the Friends Schools in Ramallah/el-Bireh and the FUM representative in Palestine and Israel. The Love Fund provides financial support for Joyce and her family.     


The Faith Fund was established in 1925, made it possible for Alice I. Kennedy to return to the work in Jamaica. Since her retirement the recipient of this fund has been chosen from among the workers in Africa.  This year’s recipient will be new field staff in the Africa Ministries Office. Photo is of Judith Ngoya who serves as Administrative Assistant for the African Ministries Office in Kisumu.

Kenya – AMO new field staff US $5,000


The Hope Fund was established in 1928 when another worker was needed in the home mission field in Monroe County, Tennessee.  More recently, the Jamaica or Belize missions have benefitted from this fund.  This year's recipient is Becky Barber, who is co-directing and teaching at the Belize Friends School. 

Belize – Becky Barber  US $5,000

Sam and Becky Barber are Directors of the Friends School in Belize. They have four children.


The Joy Fund  commemorates Elize Armstrong Cox's joyous service to the Women's Missionary Union (now USFWI) and was established in 1935.  Honoring Eliza's special interest in Native Americans, the recipients of this year's Joy Fund are women working with the ACFIA - Associated Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs - Centers: Mesquakie Friends Center - Iowa; Kickapoo Center - Oklahoma; and MOWA Choctaw Friends Center - Alabama.   

The Joy Fund supports the women workers of the Indian Centers.  US $6,000



Each year the Executive Committee of the United Society of Friends Women International chooses projects that will be of interest to children and youth. The children and Youth Missionary Education Secretary is responsible for promoting these projects.

#1 Ramallah: Amari Play Center       US $2,000


With an average monthly salary of $400 to support a family of 10, often children go without the basic necessities. The Amari Play Center insures that the preschool students who attend receive one good meal a day as well as loving attention and the start to a good education. These funds will help keep this Play Center in business caring for the refugee children in Palestine.

#2 ACFIA children and youth programs   US $3,000


The oversight of the three centers (Mowa Choctaw, Mesquakie and Kickapoo) has been transferred to individual yearly meetings, but all of the centers still need our joint support of their important work that is impacting the lives of many children and youth.  These funds will help support these programming activities at the three centers.

#3 Kenya: Turkana Girls’ Education           US $2,000


Many of the young girls in Turkana do not get to attend secondary school or even finish primary school. They are needed at home to help carry water and attend to other chores.  This project is to help keep ten girls in school for a year. It has been stated that if a girl gets an education, the village gets educated. Girls and young women share what they learn with their families and friends.


 #4 Belize: School feeding program            US $2,000

These funds provide a morning snack for the students at Belize Friends Boys School.  Often these students come without having had breakfast at home.



The Thank Offering is a special offering given annually, or semi-annually, by members of local societies in recognition of God’s favor and mercy.

The United Thank Offering is given for projects chosen each year by the Executive Committee of the United Society of Friends Women International.  The Stewardship Secretary is responsible for promoting these projects. 

            #1 Jamaica: Leadership Training Program   US $2,000

Our monies will help support Jamaica’s cooperative partnership with North Carolina Yearly Meeting to train teachers and pastors in the Jamaican Friends churches.

 #2   Belize: Friends School scholarship fund      US $3,000

This fund provides for tuition support and uniform needs of students at the Belize Friends Boys School.

#3 Kenya: FTC—Ann Riggs      US $3,000

Ann Riggs is the Friends Theological College (FTC) principal.  She is leading FTC during an important time in its history as a theological educational institution, while they are working through the accreditation process.  She is helping Kenyan Friends find ways to provide more local funding for the FTC ministries and pastoral training.


KEYS TO THE KINGDOM                            US $8,000

Local societies pay into the Keys to the Kingdom for special projects chosen each year by the Executive Committee of the United Society of Friends Women International, taking into consideration specific needs of the Friends United Meeting World Ministries and various other Friends organizations.

           #1 Kenya: Kaimosi Hospital Adopt-a-Nurse program

US $4,000

A nurse at Kaimosi Hospital earns as little as $150 a month and often does not receive full salary when funds are not available.  Because of this, nurses often leave for better paying jobs in other hospitals.  USFWI can help with funds to make sure the nurses receive their full salary.

             #2. Triennial travel assistance         US $2,000

This is an on-going fund to assist USFW Yearly Meeting Presidents/Presiding Clerks with the cost of overseas travel expenses for the triennial conferences.

# 3 Advocate subsidy     US $1,000

This is an essential tool for the subscription manager.  These funds are used to offset the cost of overseas mailing, as well as to support the cost of ensuring that each of the USFW YM Presidents/Presiding Clerks receives an up-to-date copy.

#4 East Africa—Leadership Development            US $1,000

Judith Ngoya serves as Administrative Assistant for the African Ministries Office* in Kisumu, Kenya. Judith’s responsibilities have expanded in the last year to include leadership training in Kenyan yearly meetings, pastoral counseling, office communication to yearly meetings and partner projects. This fund provides resources for training.

*The African Ministries Office (AMO) is located in the city of Kisumu, in western Kenya. The AMO is the headquarters of Friends United Meeting in East Africa, and serves as the African counterpart to the FUM offices in Richmond, Indiana.


 CHRISTIAN SERVICE              US $11,000

The Christian Service Department was originally established to supply material needs of service organizations and the mission fields. Because of changing conditions this has been made a monetary project. This, too, is chosen each year by the Executive Committee of the United Society of Friends Women International and is promoted by the Christian Service Secretary.

 #1 Kenya: Turkana/Samburu mission support   US $4,000

Annual operating expenses at each mission total about $25,000. Many times their budgets are not met due to lack of funding. In those times, the pastors and staff sacrifice their salaries to keep the missions running.  USFWI monies will help support the very important work being done in these two mission areas.

# 2  Ramallah: Eli &Sybil Jones scholarships US $3,000        

The Ramallah Friends Schools have served the youth of Palestine and witnessed to Quaker values in the midst of conflict and adversity for more than a century. Today, more than 950 students from kindergarten through grade twelve receive an education in Arabic and English, preparing them for caring, creative lives and further study at leading colleges and universities around the world. Many of these Friends students will become constructive leaders of their community, both in Palestine and in the diaspora, whose life-long work and witness will reflect their Quaker education in love, honest endeavor, and service.  USFWI annually supports scholarships for students at Ramallah.

            #3 Kenya: Lugulu Hospital Adopt-A-Bed         US $4,000

The hospital has 147 staff members that include 47 nurses and 8 clinical officers. The Adopt-a-Bed Program started by FUM many years ago.  Funds are sent each year to pay hospital expenses for patients who cannot otherwise afford medical care.



A project in the field of Social Concerns is chosen each year by the Executive Committee of the United Society of Friends Women International and is promoted by the Peace and Christian Social Concerns Secretary.

            #1 Cuba:  Quaker Institute of Peace           US $2,000

The Institute is in the city of Holguin where Cuba Yearly Meeting is located.  These funds will be used to pay scholarships and travel funds for Cubans to attend classes.

#2  Right Sharing of World Resources – Sampson Ababu support   US $2,000

Right Sharing of World Resources established the position of an in-country staff person in East Africa in 2009 to provide consultative services of micro-enterprise among the Quaker women in East Africa. Sampson Ababu was appointed to this position to offer support in training, capacity building, and coordination of travel in east Africa by RSWR staff and volunteers.  USFWI is partnering with Right Sharing of World Resources in order to support Sampson Ababu's training in East Africa.


#3 East Africa—Friends Church Peace Team      US $1,000

Friends Peace Teams is a Spirit-led organization working around the world to develop long-term relationships with communities in conflict to create programs for peacebuilding, healing and reconciliation. FPT's programs build on extensive Quaker experience combining practical and spiritual aspects of conflict resolution and are active in East Africa.

#4. Kenya — Africa Ministries Office Education Secretary, Zadock Malesi           US $3,000

The African Ministries Office (AMO) has hired an Education Secretary, Zadock Malesi, who works with the joint FUM-Friends Church Kenya Education Committee to support the improvement of management, teaching, health and safety of the numerous Friends schools in Kenya in addition to working with primary and secondary education peace curricula.

He resigned from his position of school principal to devote his time and talents to this ministry. Zadock and his wife Christine Nafula Wafula have three children: Evans, Elvis and Shirley.

 TOTAL BUDGET FOR 2014       US $65,000

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