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What Kind of Giver Are You?

by Delores Mabe North Carolina USFW


Copied from The Advocate November-December 2005


            I would like to share a summary of a story I read in A Call to Prayer. On a warm, humid morning at a Christian Learning Center, the teachers had written the new Bible verse on the board.  The first graders were reading it with the teacher.  This was a typical Monday morning activity, as they learned a new verse every week.  They practiced it standing up, sitting down, and sometimes to actions.  The verse was 2 Corinthians 9:7 “Each man should give what he has decided to give, and not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”  The goal was for the children to not just learn the verse but to understand the scripture and how it applied to them.  The teacher prayed that God would help her with this lesson.  At the conclusion of the lesson the teacher asked the children what they had learned.  Not one of the children could answer the question.  In frustration, the teacher prayed that Jesus would continue teaching them.


            A couple weeks later the teacher received a call from a parent, a missionary doctor at a low-income hospital.  A young orphan boy had been admitted to the hospital.  He had nothing but the tattered clothes on his back.  The doctor’s heart went out to the little boy.  She promised to take him a quilt that the women from her church in the United States had sent.  Unfortunately, when she got home she found that her husband had given out the last quilt.


            This kind mother went to her son’s room where he was sleeping and searched for a stuffed animal.  Her son, Jose, awoke with the noise and asked what she was doing.  She explained the story to him, and then asked if there was something he wanted to give this boy.  Jose lay in his bed thinking.  Then Jose reached under the cover and pulled out his "blanky.”  “Give him this.” Jose’s mom explained the "blanky” would not come back home.  You see, Jose could not go to sleep without his security blanket.  Jose said, “But God is telling me in my heart to give away my blanket, and I want to do it with a smile.”  Jose then explained about the Bible verse and how sometimes God asks us to give away things that are special and to do it cheerfully.  In that one phone call the teacher was reminded of the awesome power of prayer, God’s word, and the work of the Holy Spirit.


            As you have read this story I hope you have been inspired to be a cheerful giver to each missionary the USFW supports.


            Carolina Woman


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