President: Kerry Hadley

Vice-President: Deanna Ankrum

Recording Secretary: Lorrie Ludwick

Treasurer: Charlotte Mosher

Literature Secretary: Cathie Zeliadt

Adult & Children Missionary Representative: Lyn Kinney

Peace & Christian Service Secretary: Hannah Maselli

Website Coordinator / Historian: Jacque Wilbur  

Kerry Hadley - President of Iowa USFW 

I am Kerry Hadley, often known as the ‘pretty one’ and am currently the President.  My job is to lead and encourage our statewide USFW. I also co-chaired the 2016 USFWI Triennial held in Cedar Rapids, IA in July of 2016.  

I reside in rural Richland where I attend Trinity Friends Church.   I am active as the church pianist.  I am also an Auctioneer, public speaker, and work full-time at our local US Bank.  I am married to Joe Hadley and we have four wonderful children, all married, and 4 grandchildren.  I enjoy having our family over every Sunday after church for dinner, playing with our grandkids, and reading. 

Deanna Ankrum - Vice-President of Iowa USFW 

I am Deanna Ankrum and am currently the Vice-President.  My job is to make sure our wonderful President does her great job and fill in for when/if necessary. My position will move up to President this coming July at the USFW Celebration of Service.  

Lorrie Ludwick - Recording Secretary  

As the Recording Secretary, I sit on the Board meetings and take notes and publish those minutes, as well as take notes and minutes for our three gatherings each year: the Celebration of Service at Yearly Meeting in August, and the Spring Fling and Fall Retreat at local area churches. 

Charlotte Mosher - Treasurer 

Hello, I am Charlotte Mosher, the current treasurer of the Iowa USFW.  My duty is to manage the funds received from the Iowa USFW Societies and distribute them as directed.  I live in rural Warren County with my husband of fifty plus years on a family Century farm near Milo.  We and our five children (all married) are the third and fourth generations to have the privilege of living here.  Our home was built in 1910 by Jay’s grandfather, with updates at various times since.

We are active members of Motor Friends Church.  I currently am recording clerk of our business meeting, serve on the Stewardship Committee, Funeral Committee, deliver flowers to members/attenders when they are ill or on other occasions as needed, am the assistant organist and substitute in other capacities as needed.  I have also served on the Iowa Yearly Meeting Missions Board as treasurer and on the Friends Development Board as recording clerk.  I do enjoy serving Him in whatever capacity I can and consider it a privilege.

We have been blessed with sixteen grandchildren, ranging in age from 28 years down to six years, and recently welcomed our first great-grandchild (a little girl).  This keeps us busy many evenings and weekends with their activities as four families live close enough we get to attend their activities, the fifth family lives in Wichita so we visit them a few times each year also.

My husband and I are both retired although we both work at the State of Iowa Legislature when it is in Session.  He works on the Senate staff, I am secretary to a Representative.  Previous to retirement I worked with the Legislative Services Agency, a non-partisan agency, for 18 years and worked in other positions before that.  I have also been a 4-H leader for forty plus years.  Enjoy quilting with my computerized quilting machine in spare time.

I consider it a privilege to serve as treasurer and to meet many individuals involved in the Iowa Yearly Meeting including the USFW.

Cathie Zeliadt - Literature Secretary

The Reading Course is made up of a list of books supplied by the Executive Committee of the United Society of Friends Women International.  Each Yearly Meeting Literature Secretary is given the flexibility to make additions to this reading list if they so desire.

I enjoy visiting the local societies in Iowa to promote reading the books on the selected Reading Course.  I bring a selection of books to our three gatherings each year, Spring Fling, Celebration of Service, and Fall Retreat.

Lyn Kinney - Adult & Children Missionary Representative

Greetings from Lyn Kinney:  I am happy to be back on the state USFW.  I am looking forward to being the missionary representative.  With God’s guidance I am sure we will be fine. 

I am a member of Lynnville Friends.  I am currently representing our church by being on the Stewardship Committee, Nominating Committee, Yearly Meeting Rep, and USFW. 

I have had 4 surgeries since May 2013.  What should have been a routine hip surgery has ended up being a fight for my life.  Infections, loss of blood, dual pic lines with strong daily antibiotics for 3 months, and living in hospitals and nursing homes.  I am happy to say that after two successful hip surgeries, I am currently infection free.  After nearly a year, I am starting to learn how to walk again. 

The Lord has opened my eyes to many avenues this past year.  I am so pleased that my family and friends have stuck to me like glue.  The prayer warriors have certainly worked over time for me.  I have learned a lot.  I plan to share the rest of my life with the teachings that have been given to me.

Hannah Maselli - Peace & Christian Service Seretary 

I am currently serving as your Peace & Christian Social Concerns Secretary. I keep abreast of social and spiritual happenings in our communities and in the world, and serve as a communicator to our USFW regarding these things. 

Jacque Wilbur - Website Coordinator / Historian 

Hello, My name is Jacque Wilbur. I am excited to be your Website Coordinator / Historian. As Website Coordinator, I will endeavor to keep our website up-to-date.  If you have an article or photo you would like to submit for inclusion, please email me at  As Historian, I am the "keeper" of the Eliza Armstrong Cox scrapbook. I will be in touch with your local society presidents in May or June to see whether you have new nominees for this important award.  New recipients will be recognized at the Celebration of Service in August.

I am very active at Middle River Friends, where I am president of our local USFW EVE society, chair our M&C, lead children's ministries, teach 4th & 5th Grade Sunday School, act as church secretary, publish our weekly bulletin and contribute to our monthly newsletter.  

My husband and I are both retired, and love living in our rural Carlisle home. We enjoy spending time camping, canoeing/boating, bike riding, and hiking. We have a 95 lb Labradoodle that we take on these outings with us.  We have four grown children, three in-law children, eleven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.   


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